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NOTE: After four years of release of the game, I'm working on an update that will leave the game with an much better performance and will bring some improvements in the base character's main textures, bugs fixed, minor changes to the character creation screen, two new songs, full compatibility with Windows 10 and many other enhancements, maybe additional content (such as marketing materials, avatars pictures and wallpaper)... Besides becoming a FREE GAME. Coming soon ! :D


A single-player 3D action RPG/Hack-n-slash. Create your hero and follow your destiny through the evolution of your attributes, abilities, spells and weapons.


Your village was destroyed and everyone was killed! A woman named Valkyrie was in charge of this attack. She appeared seemingly out of nowhere with her army of monsters and began a campaign against the people of your world, Arhaaty.

You escaped the attack on your village and now seek the magic entrance to Vallance island. Where it, according to your deceased father, is located the Urizar's Resistance. The Resistance is a special force created to combat Valkyrie.

They say that the entrance is camouflaged by white sorcery,in a great and strange mountain and reveal itself only to those have a dragon heart beating on their chest. You find the mountain, the passage was revealed to you!

Embark on this epic adventure and bring peace again to Arhaaty !

Key Features

  • Create your character the way you want!
  • Buy or find tons of equipment and arm yourself to the teeth!
  • Make your destination!
  • Become a great warrior, a fearless barbarian, an honored paladin, a powerful wizard... and so on...
  • Many different and interesting places to explore
  • Various enemies of different shapes and behaviors.
  • 20 Skills divided into spells and masteries

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